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Airtilt is an innovation platform that help the C-Suite and Early-Stage businesses to outpace disruption by designing business models and services that brands need to win.


We help to amplify the power of brands to drive growth as well as positive change in the world through technology.

Socially Driven

Though we are a for-profit creative agency, our mission value is to provide some level of social good to others.


Leading by example is true leadership, so 3% of all our profits are donated to various charities and causes.


Sometimes we partner with or make micro-investments in early stage companies that align with our brand values.


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Instagram's Real Competitor: TikTok

Instagram's Real Competitor: TikTok

For years it was thought that Chinese based technology could never become popular in the United States. With an incoming a wave of scandals disgracing the already…

Cuanchai Megghross December 29, 2018
Computer-Generated Social Media Influencer: Lil Miquela

Computer-Generated Social Media Influencer: Lil Miquela

Claiming to be from Los Angeles, Miquela Sousa is a computer-generated social media influencer. Miquela was created by Trevor McFedries and Sara Decou as a digital…

Cuanchai Megghross December 17, 2018


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Cuan-Chai Megghross

Cuan-Chai Megghross

CEO/Software Engineer (Mobile)

Velina Rusjakova

Velina Rusjakova

CTO/Software Engineer (Web)

Lucky Rajeswaran

Lucky Rajeswaran

COO/Industrial & Sourcing Engineer

Our platform was so outdated we began losing customers. We hired Airtilt to build us a new
one and due to their keen attention to detail and and industry changes, they created new
revenue streams for us. Since then year over year revenue has been up 44%.

— Matt Feldman

CEO at Case Escape

Discovering Madonna, Ramones, The Cure and Ice-T was hard and with the ever
changing landscape in the music industry it's harder to keep up. We successfully
used Airtilt to build data driven tools that helped us to discover new artists.

— Eric McLellan

A&R at Sire Records

Based on their proven track record, we hired Airtilt to build cool products for us. But like
the Jedis they are, they delivered products that are not only cool but super intuitive. It's
like they read our minds and delivered much more value than expected.

— Ash Emond

E- Commerce Sales Director at Houzz

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